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Proteins: Beef, Pork and Poultry

Sanitation & Water Performance

Protecting brands and enhancing food safety.

Protect your brand, save water and enhance food safety with Ecolab products and programs. Our specialized processing solutions for red meat, chicken, turkey and more include a comprehensive approach to help you improve sustainability while protecting the quality of your protein.

Partnering to Produce Safe Food

Our goal together is to produce quality and safe food, made as efficiently, responsibly and profitably as possible. Learn more about what an Ecolab partnership can do for you.

Antimicrobial Tissue Treatment Solutions
You need to produce your red meat, pork, chicken, turkey and seafood products with the highest food safety standards — while improving productivity and reducing costs. Ecolab can help optimize your entire processing operation. With our antimicrobial tissue treatment chemistry, industry expertise, advanced equipment and comprehensive reporting, we are committed to providing innovative antimicrobial solutions, world-class service...and peace of mind. 
Process Water Treatment: Water Reuse Program

Reduce water usage, maximize efficiency and promote food safety with our InspexxTM Water Reuse Program. This program is designed with a specially formulated antimicrobial solution to recycle water up to 5 times. 

Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment demands as much attention, and the need for integrated solutions, as other processes within your operation. Nalco offers a number of tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge.
Still shots from application of Exelerate TUFSOIL promotional video
Exelerate™ TUFSOIL
Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL is a ready-to-use, gel cleaner and degreaser specifically formulated for tough, burnt-on soils such as carbonized sugars, oils, and proteins.

Clean Out of Place System Tank
Clean Out of Place (COP) Solutions
Improve your COP systems and procedures to reduce water and energy consumption and raise quality control. Ecolab partners with you to find the right COP solutions for your meat, poultry and seafood processing plant.
Pest Solutions for Food & Beverage
Maintain a pest-free environment with our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program built on scientifically-proven protocols. We can help you attain strong audit scores and provide business insights to improve results throughout all of your facilities. Our proactive approach to pest elimination helps you meet the need for greater consistency and documentation in the face of increasing food safety risks.

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