Food Processing

Food Processing

Improving Food Quality and Safety

Protect your brands and enhance food safety and food product quality with Ecolab innovations for food manufacturers. Tap into specialized food processing solutions that reduce food processing risks, optimize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Learn about ways to reach food safety goals with innovative cleaning programs, contamination prevention, monitoring and incident response support.


Partnering to Produce Safe Food

Our goal together is to produce quality and safe food, made as efficiently, responsibly and profitably as possible. Learn more about how Ecolab can help you optimize your business with our industry-leading food processing solutions.

Environmental Cleaning Solutions
Food processing is a hygiene critical activity. Ecolab provides a complete program of environmental cleaning products and services to help you maintain optimal plant hygiene, food safety, and cross contamination prevention.


DRYSAN™ DUO Cleaner & Sanitizer 
DrySan™ Duo is a U.S. EPA-registered, ready-to-use, dry sanitizer and cleaner. This 2-in-1 product has been designed specifically to address the challenges that the food and beverage industry has long struggled with when cleaning in dry processing environments. Effective against various microorganisms, DrySan Duo can simplify your cleaning process. No rinsing is required and works for food contact and non-food contact surfaces. 
World Class Service
Experience the Ecolab difference. As your trusted partner, we provide a unique combination of world-class service, total impact solutions and unsurpassed industry expertise around the world, locally delivered. We help you feel safe and secure that your business is not at risk.

Featured Food Processing Solutions

Clean In Place Solutions
Clean-In-Place (CIP) Solutions

Optimize your CIP process to help reduce water and energy consumption through our range of CIP products and engineered systems.

Food Processing Success Stories

Learn how we solved challenges for our food and beverage processing customers.

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Our Food Processing Solutions

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