Powering Reliable, Clean Energy with Exelon Generation


From entire industries to individuals, power is crucial for our daily lives. As a leader in power generation, Exelon Generation is committed to generating safe, reliable energy. Exelon Generation also is the leading operator of carbon-free nuclear power plants in the United States. Environmental stewardship is a core value, and successfully managing its environmental impacts helps strengthen its relationship with customers and communities. It partnered with Nalco Water to improve equipment and water monitoring and treatment to help Exelon Generation provide safe, clean, low-cost energy and protect the environment.


To improve reliable, efficient performance, Exelon Generation uses a suite of Nalco Water’s most advanced technologies. From innovative chemistries, such as Nalco Water’s Purate™ chlorine dioxide program, which disinfects and treats cooling water, to 3D TRASAR™ Technology, which provides around-the-clock monitoring and control of chemistry performance, the teams work side-by-side to drive positive results. To ensure any changes or risks are identified and resolved early, Exelon Generation implemented the OMNI™ Condenser Analytics program, which continuously compares current performance to design performance, and proactively detects potential problems.


Through onsite expertise and technology, Nalco Water helped reduce Exelon Generation’s water use and minimize chemical consumption and waste, reducing its overall impact on the environment while continuing to deliver reliable, efficient and clean energy to its customers and communities.

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Featured Solutions

  • 3D TRASAR™ Technology
  • Purate™ Technology
  • OMNI™ Program
  • Onsite Expertise