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Ecolab values all Customers and our commitment to product quality and superior service is supported by a fair and reasonable return policy that best addresses Customer concerns and manages costs, security of return supply chain, and compliance with applicable laws.


This policy applies to all Customers by region and/or country and effective dates within the documents below and supersedes and nullifies all previous return policies. Ecolab reserves the right to update and change all or any portion of this policy without prior notice.


For purposes of this policy, a Customer is defined as any party where Ecolab ships product or equipment. This does not include where Ecolab Distributor partners ship to their direct customers. A Product consists of anything Ecolab sells not including services. Returns are subject to a standard re-stocking fee, unless due to an Ecolab error.


Customers may contact their designated Ecolab Sales Representative or Ecolab Customer Service with any questions related to this policy.


 Region  Country  Effective Date
North America United States 6/1/2017
North America Canada 6/1/2017
Middle East and Africa U.A.E. 12/1/2017
Middle East and Africa Dubai 12/1/2017
Middle East and Africa Egypt 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Pakistan 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Morocco 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Algeria 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Turkey 5/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Israel 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa South Africa 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Kenya 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa Tanzania 4/1/2018
Middle East and Africa  Uganda 4/1/2018
Asia Pacific Japan 2/1/2018
Asia Pacific Korea 3/1/2018
Asia Pacific Vietnam 12/1/2017
Asia Pacific Thailand 1/1/2018
Asia Pacific Indonesia 12/1/2017
Asia Pacific Singapore 12/1/2017
Asia Pacific Australia 1/1/2018
Asia Pacific New Zealand 1/1/2018
Asia Pacific India 1/1/2018
Asia Pacific Malaysia 1/1/2018
Latin America Brazil 12/1/2017
Latin America Mexico 12/1/2017
Latin America Chile  TBD
Latin America Argentina 12/1/2017
Latin America Peru 12/1/2017
Latin America Colombia 12/1/2017
Latin America Ecuador 12/1/2017
Latin America Puerto Rico 12/1/2017
Latin America Bahamas 12/1/2017
Latin America Barbados 12/1/2017
Latin America Saint Lucia 12/1/2017
Latin America Trinidad Tobago 12/1/2017
Latin America Antigua 12/1/2017
Latin America Costa Rica 12/1/2017
Latin America El Salvador 12/1/2017
Latin America Guatemala 12/1/2017
Latin America Honduras 12/1/2017
Latin America Jamaica 12/1/2017
Latin America Nicaragua 12/1/2017
Latin America Panama 12/1/2017
Latin America Venezuela 12/1/2017
Greater China China 12/1/2017
Greater China Macau 12/1/2017
Greater China Taiwan 12/1/2017
Greater China Hong Kong 12/1/2017
Europe France  6/1/2018
Europe United Kingdom 4/1/2018
Europe Ireland 4/1/2018
Europe Spain 6/1/2018
Europe Portugal 6/1/2018
Europe Switzerland 6/1/2018
Europe Italy 6/1/2018
Europe Denmark 6/1/2018
Europe Norway 6/1/2018
Europe Sweden 6/1/2018
Europe Finland 6/1/2018
Europe Holland 6/1/2018
Europe Belgium 6/1/2018
Europe Germany 6/1/2018

Region scope includes the U.S. and Canada.



French Canadian

Region scope includes the U.A.E., Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Dubai.


Region scope includes Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. 












Region scope includes Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.






Region scope includes the United Kingdom and Ireland effective April 1, 2018. Effective June 1, 2018, region scope also includes Nordics (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland), France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Switzerland






























Region scope includes China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 


Contact Customer Service


Ecolab Brasil
Av. Francisco Matarazzo
1350 – 11° andar. Água Branca
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil. CEP: 05001-100 

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