Optimize total operating costs with state-of-art microbiological control technology

July 29, 2021

Case Study: PURATE™ helps Fertilizer Plant save $610K in water and chemicals and reduce corrosion rates by 43%

It is common in the industry to have corrosion problems in the cooling systems, caused by the high content of chloride that come from the use of chlorine or hypochlorite for microbiological control, as well as the problems of fouling and microbiological corrosion caused by the loss of efficiency of biocides in the presence of process contamination and organic matter, are frequent.

How can I protect my assets?

To eliminate these problems associated with the use of conventional treatments based on chlorine gas and hypochlorite, Nalco Water relies on PURATE technology, which consists of an excellent biocide with very low chloride generation, in addition to offering other highly competitive advantages. 

How does PURATE Technology work? 

PURATE is a unique stabilized blend of sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide. The SVP-Pure  pure chlorine dioxide generator uses PURATE and sulfuric acid to produce ClO2 on-site.  


Advantages of chlorine dioxide with Nalco Water PURATE technology 

  • Powerful, fast-acting biocide that effectively removes biofilm
  • It is not consumed by most organics or NH3
  • It is not pH dependent for its effectiveness
  • It does not form Trihalomethane (THM) or AOX 
  • May oxidize/remove manganese
  • Lower TDS content, by providing a minimum of chloride 

If you would like to know more details about this technology, please write to industriallacomms@ecolab.com

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