Benchmark of key performance indicators in an electric arc furnace

June 30, 2021
Best Practices

The water provides cooling to critical components of the electric arc furnace such as the side panel, vault, electrode arm, electrode cables, as well as the transformer and its components. In addition, most modern melt shops operate with a refining furnace that also has panel and vault cooling.

Failures in any of these components significantly reduce plant profitability due to unscheduled downtime with production losses, and even serious safety issues.

How to achieve excellent performance

Proper water management is critical to the performance of the refining and electric arc furnace components. Effective water treatment ensures that all components are available to produce the steel demand safely and with competitive conversion costs.

Nalco Water contributes with the implementation of the best water quality control practices to achieve the best key performance indicators, as it also counts with advanced treatment technologies managed through digitalization with technologies such as 3D TRASARTM and ECOLAB 3D that allow the facility to operate in a connected way, as Industry 4.0.

Leading Indicators for Electric Arc Furnace

Nalco Water implements best practices for water quality control, including the following variables as target indicators.


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"The challenge in these systems includes high heat flow, high wall temperatures, as well as scaling tendencies and high corrosion rates. "

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