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Ready for Anything: How resiliency and technology will build consumer trust and help us mitigate disruption in the 21st century

The Rising Stars of Food: Introducing Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

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Ready for Anything: How Technology Will Help Us Mitigate Disruption in the 21st Century

March 24: 14:50 CET / 9:50 EDT / 8:50 CDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that in today’s food and beverage industry, crises can come in many forms.  From the familiar threat of contamination and product recalls to unprecedented public health challenges, food producers have to be ready to face the unexpected.  Pandemic risk, climate change, increasingly complex supply chains and consumer demand for transparency – how can the right mindset, protocols and digital technologies help us remain resilient and equipped to overcome challenges? 

We’ve assembled a panel of industry experts with first-hand experience successfully navigating this uncertain landscape, who will share how they are building resiliency within their companies.

Erica Sheward
Erica Sheward

Director of GFSI

Session Moderator

Christophe Beck
Christophe Beck

CEO, Ecolab


David MacLennan, CEO, Cargill​
David MacLennan

CEO, Cargill


The Rising Stars of Food: Introducing Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

March 24, 2021, 17:25 - 17:55 CET / 12:25 EDT / 11:25 CDT

According to the United Nations, by 2030, the world will need 35% more food than what’s produced today to meet demand. At the same time, consumers’ tastes are changing. They are seeking more local, fresh and organic foods, and want increased transparency into the food supply chain and food safety.

In addition, 2020 put a magnifying glass on several challenges facing the food industry. Many of these challenges have existed for years, but the impact of COVID-19 brought them to the forefront of many stakeholder’s minds, from consumer to enterprise.

It will take innovation and new technologies to meet consumer demand and expectations through a safer and more sustainable global food supply chain.

The Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind mentorship-driven program that identifies entrepreneurs and start-up companies from around the world with innovative ideas focused on food safety, the food supply chain, food tech, farm productivity and waste management. The program includes mentorship from food industry experts to help bring these innovative ideas to life.

We’ve assembled a panel of Farm to Fork Accelerator leaders and Techstars participants to share their first-hand experiences in developing breakthrough food industry innovations. These visionary entrepreneurs may hold the solutions to the most pressing food challenges of our time. They are seeing opportunities and working to clear paths to help advance our ability to safely feed the world.

John Guttery
SVP Enterprise Initiatives, Ecolab​


Brett Brohl Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator
Brett Brohl
Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator
Patrick Zelaya, Heavy Connect
Patrick Zelaya
Heavy Connect


Felix Cheung, IXON
Felix Cheung
Leena Pradha-Nabzdyk, Canomiks
Leena Pradha-Nabzdyk


Food Safety Perspectives

Learn more from our Experts and Leaders about how Ecolab is addressing the current and future food safety concerns of your industry.

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Meet the Ecolab Experts at GFSI

Our Food Safety and Public Health Experts provide expertise to eliminate foodborne illness and ensure safe food to protect people and businesses from the risks of pathogens.

Lisa Robinson
Lisa Robinson

Vice President, Global Food Safety & Public Health

Lisa Robinson leads a global network of divisionally aligned food safety resources and is responsible for the functional leadership of Ecolab's food safety and public health strategy. 

Elaine Black
Elaine Black, Ph.D.

Director, Food Safety & Public Health

Dr. Elaine Black is a microbiologist and currently leads Ecolab food safety and public health program and policy initiatives.  

Sima Hussein
Sima Hussein, CP-FS

Director, Food Safety and Customer Standards for the Food Retail Services

Sima Hussein oversees training and manages the audit services growth, quality and data analytics for the over 340,000 audits conducted annually by the Food Retail Services division.

Mandy Sedlak
Mandy Sedlak, RS/REHS

Food Safety and Public Health Manager for EcoSure, an Ecolab Division

Mandy Sedlak is responsible for Health Department response, foodborne illness response and food code interpretation, and providing education and recommendations to help customers adopt best practices and mitigate risks in the day to day operations. 

Anna Starobin, CPFS, MD

Anna Starobin is responsible for food safety, environmental testing, equipment evaluation, outbreak prevention and recovery, regulatory, product development and research for Ecolab quick service and food retail customers in the U.S. and internationally.

Protecting the Food Supply Chain from Farm to Table

Ecolab has expertise at many points along the food supply chain - from farm to fork - in a variety of industries. Our services keep your customers safe from foodborne illness - from the plants used to manufacture food to the grocery stores and restaurants where it's purchased and consumed. Our aim is to develop a robust and lasting partnership - built on trust and expertise - to elevate your food safety reputation.

Learn more on how we partner with your sector below.

Food & Beverage Processing
There's nothing more vital than the world's food supply. And our appetite for finding better food manufacturing solutions is never-ending. We can help optimize every aspect of your food or beverage processing operation and deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency, plant sustainability and product safety.
Food Retail
Our expertise in the Food Retail industry is built on enhancing customer experience through comprehensive solutions for food safety, quality assurance and clean, sanitized operations. Solutions like SaniSave and LmENTARY help supermarket, warehouse and big box chains ensure thorough cleaning, but also greatly simplify the cleaning process and provide savings to their bottom line through the use of less labor, water and energy.
Our restaurant customers need ways to ensure their vegetables, fruits, ice and other food products won't make people sick. Our programs ensure guest satisfaction and enhance your brand through solutions that protect food safety, improve efficiency and deliver exceptional clean throughout your foodservice operation.
Pest Elimination
We understand the importance of preventing pests before they have the chance to threaten your customers' safety and damage your reputation. Ecolab Pest Elimination has more than 30 years of pest management experience. We offer scientifically proven protocols that are personally delivered by service specialists who understand your business.