Hotel Room

Odor Neutralizer and Care Services

Room odor consistently ranks in the top five most frequent guest complaints so when it comes to creating positive experiences, success is in the details. Room smell is an important driver of guest satisfaction and can improve your bottom line. Tackle your toughest odors with Ecolab’s Odor Control solutions.

Odor Care Products

Product Feature:

Bio-enzymatic Odor Eliminator

Specifically designed to counteract urine , pet, body and trash odor.  Simple and easy to use for both hard and soft surfaces with a pleasant fragrance. 

Room Refreshers

(multiple scents)

Room Refreshers are heavy duty air fresheners and deodorizers specially formulated with long-lasting ingredients to provide odor control for hours when used as directed under normal circumstances.


(Multiple scents)

ZephAir products tackle the toughest malodors, especially smoke and food odors, eliminating them quickly, safely and completely.