Racks & Accessories 

Ecolab racks are an essential component of any quality warewashing program. We offer the industry’s most trusted racks, designed to deliver the high quality results and lower overall use costs.

Full Size Glass Racks

25 Compartment

For fine glasses and cups that need additional protection at the rim, racks have 25-compartments.

Half Size Glass Racks 

8 Rectangular Compartment

For the areas that have limited storage space, these half racks optimize available space.

Full Size Cup Racks 

20 Compartment

Cups and mugs are designed differently than typical glassware and they should have racks specifically made to handle these variations. 

Full Size Open Racks

These “open” racks can be used for a variety of items. From bowls to silverware to even specialty items that are difficult to fit in pegged racks.

Full Size Open Silverware Racks

Use this rack for silverware or utensils. The molded-in grid is specially designed for flatware and permits maximum wash action, while retaining the smallest pieces.

Plate Master Racks

The Plate Master increases handling efficiency while providing excellent plate protection by keeping tableware in the same rack for washing, transport and storage. A great solution for large banquet and catering operations.

Plate Cover Racks

Superior Cleaning Results Plus Cost Savings. Without open-end tray racks, dishwashers may place trays on top of other rack loads, shielding those wares from proper washing, and cleaning only one tray per cycle.