Helping Breweries Optimize the Cleaning and Sanitation Process Time


A brewery manufacturer in Mexico had a big challenge: optimize the BBT’s and Bright Beer Lines cleaning and sanitization process time while improving productivity.

Ecolab recommended Trimeta CD, a 2-in-1 phosphorus-free clean in place solution for bright beer tanks, as well as maturation and fermentation vessels.

Prior to the use of Trimeta CD in the areas of fermentation and lagering, the recipe using Sanibac BC 3 was as follows:


The customer partnered with Ecolab to conduct a 90-day trial with Trimeta CD.

By using Trimeta CD in BBT’s, the brewery optimized their cleaning and sanitization process helping them to reduce water consumption and time significantly, keeping the same $/HL and microbiology.

Time reduction Trimeta CD vs Sanibac BC3:

Ecolab innovation Trimeta CD helped a Brewery Manufacturer in Mexico to significantly decrease Water, Energy & Time achieving exceptional productivity improvements


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