Simplifying CIP for
Bright Beer Tanks

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Replacing the 3-Step CIP for Bright Beer Tanks

Summit Brewing Co. was using an existing 3-step CIP procedure for their bright beer tanks that included an acid wash and a two-species peracid sanitizing step. This existing process required significant time, water, and the use of multiple chemistry.

Summit partnered with Ecolab to test SynergexTM as a single-step cleaner for bright beer tanks. The use of SynergexTM provided:

1. Reduced odor profile and safer handling compared to two-step peracid sanitizer

2. A simplified CIP process

3. Decreased chemical concentration requirements


Synergex For Bright Beer Tanks Successfully Eliminated the Acid Rinse Step

Results of Synergex as a Single-Step Cleaner

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Over $13K of annual water savings

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Additional 52 mins gained per CIP cycle

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Up to 25% less peracid to effluent stream

Learn more about Synergex for Craft Breweries on our Craft Brew Program page!

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