Water University

A unique, high-tech learning environment, Water University is dedicated to developing expertise of customers and associates to minimize water usage, maximize results and optimize total cost of operations.

The facility is home to more than 200 researchers that will assist customers from small  businesses to Fortune 500 companies solve water challenges, achieve sustainability goals and improve their bottom line.

Customer Experience Center


Food and Beverage


Heavy Industries



Oil and Gas



Training Center

Water University is a high-tech learning environment dedicated exclusively to water education. Through interactive experiences and hands-on learning, total water solutions come to life as students embrace ways to reduce, re-use, and recycle water. The University features a functional wet lab as well as customized equipment and control technologies designed to support pretreatment, boiler, cooling, process, and post-treatment applications. The Water Safety section of the University showcases methods for controlling water borne pathogens and provides a back-drop for understanding water health standards.