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Nalco Water introduces OMNI: the solution to total plant performance for power and chemical producers. OMNI starts at the heart of your plant, your critical assets, to optimize performance throughout your entire operation. By combining leading monitoring technology, advanced predictive analytics, and 24/7 expert support, OMNI provides the visibility to predict and prevent operational issues, guaranteeing reliable high performance.


You don’t cure an illness by treating the symptoms—you go to the source. By getting a holistic view of your plant’s process through the critical asset, you can optimize performance across all levels and parts of the process, instead of spending extra time and money trying to improve your operations piece by piece. 

OMNI Condenser Performance Image
OMNI Condenser Performance

The OMNI platform for power producers focuses on the condenser, using the data historian to support the predictive analytics that help you to make informed decisions about your plant. 

OMNI Heat Exchanger Performance Image
OMNI Total Heat Exchanger Performance

The OMNI platform for chemical producers focuses on the heat exchanger, using non-invasive sensors and monitoring combined with unparalleled simulation to give you unprecedented insight into your operations.