Vortexx™ ES

Rinse-Free Super Concentrated Peracid-Based Sanitizer

Vortexx ES is a super-concentrated peracid-based sanitizer patented by Ecolab for use in food and beverage processing plants.

Benefits and Characteristics 

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial control at low temperatures.
  • Effective against yeasts, molds and microorganism at recommended use concentrations at temperatures between 4-40 ° C.
  • Super concentrated formula reduces product use per application and saves storage space.
  • Allows to reduce inventory costs and minimize chemical, providing greater operator safety.
  • Responsible with the environment.
  • Advanced chemistry allows its components to degrade quickly after use.
  • Contains no halogens or phosphates.
  • Low levels of BOD.
  • Helps to reduce effluent treatment costs and promotes compliance with applicable local regulations.