Acid Disinfectant

New generation disinfectant based on a mixture of peracids, which can be used to clean stainless steel surfaces and equipment such as pipes, fillers, cylindrical-conical tanks, germicidal baths, plate heaters, storage tanks, transport tanks and in CIP systems.


  • It is used at a concentration 30 to 50% lower than most peracetic acid-based disinfectants.
  • Superior microbial efficiency against bacteria, yeasts and fungi.
  • Less possibility of oxidation for the brewery industry, as it has a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide in its formulation.
  • It does not inhibit the growth of cultures suitable for the production of yoghurt, cream and fermented milk according to the cultures tested.
  • Eliminates the need to use multiple disinfectants.
  • It is very effective at temperatures from 4 to 40°C, reducing energy costs when used at lower temperatures. At room temperature it produces excellent results