StainBlaster™ Stain Management

StainBlaster™ from Ecolab provides professional stain-fighting performance for your professional operation. Stained and soiled linens come out cleaner, whiter and softer the first time, helping to both protect your linen investment and reduce your need for linen replacement.

Why Choose Stainblaster™ for Stain  Management?

  • Higher level of clean for a higher level of guest satisfaction
  • Stains are the #1 cause for linen replacement
  • Many solutions to tackle the most common soils and stains

    DP Hotels Testimonial for Ecolab Partnership

    The Sleep Inn, part of the DP Hotels Group, in Fort Lauderdale, FL shares the value it sees by partnering with Ecolab to achieve optimal results through individualized solutions across all of their lodging properties.

    Little Palm Island Resort Testimonial for Ecolab Partnership

    Little Palm Island Resort in the Florida Keys shares the value they see in the personalized relationship with Ecolab, that can solve for any problem, regardless of geography or local conditions. 


    Information Sheet

    Use StainBlaster™ Pretreatment Sprays and Power Paks for tough stains where you need a little extra help - uniquely formulated to eliminate extra-tough stains and extend linen life.