Ecolab Pathways™ Solid Drain Sanitizer

Solid Drain Sanitizer

Ecolab Pathways™ Solid Drain Sanitizer is a patented, water-activated, time-released solid detergent-sanitizer specifically formulated to improve environmental sanitation and control soil build-up in floor drains, troughs and pits, and in drainage areas where wet conditions favor microorganism growth and cause sanitation concern

Features and Benefits

  • Time-released system provides longer activity and lower use cost than conventional liquid sanitizers
  • Versatile applications, saves on inventory investment
  • Reduces need for applications of liquid quat sanitizers
  • Solid form helps prevent slippery spills or dangerous splashing onto skin
  • Promotes Quality Assurance
  • Time-released system provides continuous sanitizing in the presence of water
  • Helps emulsify soil deposits 24 hours per day, thus reducing build-up between daily cleanings
  • Design does not obstruct water drainage

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