Oxonia Active™ 150 Peracetic Acid-based Disinfectant

Liquid oxidizing disinfectant, based on stabilized peracetic acid, for the beverage and food industry in general, it can be used in the disinfection of stainless steel surfaces and equipment such as fillers, pipes, cylinder-conical tanks, germicidal baths, plate heaters , storage and transport tanks and all equipment that has CIP systems.


  • It has a wide biocidal spectrum even when applied at low temperatures.
  • Does not form foam, being recommended for CIP systems.
  • After use, the waste sent to the effluent plant is the product of its decomposition, water and traces of acetic acid.
  • Under the recommended conditions of use, the product is compatible with polymeric materials such as: PE, PP, rigid PVC, PTFE, PVDF and Polysulfide