Exelerate™ HS-I

Exelerate™ HS-I is a specialised, liquid pre-treatment designed to penetrate difficult organic soils to improve cleaning of heat transfer surfaces. A solution of Exelerate™ HS-I is used prior to the caustic wash to help speed the cleaning process. Exelerate™ HS-I is ideal for dairy processors, and works in several traditional processing equipment types. 


Saves Time and Water

  • Pre-treatment works on tough cooked-on soils in HTST, UHT, evaporator and other heated applications, easing soil release from the vessel and pipe walls
  • Allows reduced wash times, resulting in greater production capacity and improved operational efficiency

Environmental Implications

  • Pre-treatment program replaces up to 50% of the caustic which helps reduce effluent surcharge and neutralization costs
  • Reduced effluent impact compared to traditional cleaning programs
  • Provides lower wash solutions electrical conductivity

Promotes Quality Assurance

  • Unique pre-treatment formulation provides cleaner surfaces by removing burnt soils
  • Non-corrosive to 304 and 316 stainless steel and compatible with most sealing and gasket materials when used at recommended concentrations

Economical product

  • Concentrate formula allows low use cost application
  • Liquid product provides simple and accurate dosing