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Ecolab Nexa Hand Hygiene System

The Nexa™ Hand Hygiene System creates a Scientific Clean™ by combining state-of-the art connected dispensers with Ecolab hand hygiene products, from liquid and foam cosmetic hand soaps to antimicrobial foam soap and gel hand sanitizers, all from the same unit making changing of products easy. Available in manual or touch-free.

Scientific Clean - helping you achieve your goals of care, compliance and cost.

Two Nexa hand hygiene dispensers on a tile wall with an automatic dispensing sensor and manual pump.


Nexa™ is engineered to be simple, versatile, and easy to use. The Nexa line offers efficiency and sustainability using technologically advanced dispensers with simplified chemistry and packaging, The innovative dispenser design offers:

  • Energy saving touch-free dispenser requiring fewer battery change-outs.
  • Antimicrobial solution that works continuously to inhibit growth of bacteria that may affect the push bar. Smooth surface, no ridges or openings to collect debris or grime.
  • Improved and uniquely designed packaging and collapsible bottle evacuates up to 99% of product to reduce product waste.
  • Patented pump pulls excess product back in, reducing costly product clogs and drips and helps prevent potential slips and falls.
  • HDPE packaging is easily recycled

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Hand Hygiene Chemistry and Programs

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