DryExx Duo

DryExx Duo is a dry/semi-dry lubricant for conveyor chains in the food and beverage industry, specially developed to work on stainless steel and plastic track chains.

It is a premium product developed for the Beverage Industry that seeks to solve problems related to:

  • High water consumption
  • Mixed conveyor belts on the same line (steel and delrin)
  • Multiple lubricants (wet and/or dry)
  • Challenges when operating at high speeds and/or with lighter PET containers

And for clients interested in:

  • Simplification of lubrication and inventory management
  • Phosphorous free
  • Effluent treatment cost reduction
  • Improve mobility in lightweight packaging
  • Multi-pack and multi-chain versatility (REFPET, PET, Glass)
  • Increased safety for operators by reducing wet floors
Product Code Pack Size


BB 60L

7003480 TBP 200L
7003481 CTN 1000L

  • Can be applied in dry or semi-dry mode
  • Savings on water consumption
  • A single product for different areas of the line
  • Floors are drier and cleaner
  • Compatible with REFPET/PET
  • Phosphorus-free product
  • Suitable for double lines of glass and REFPET/PET
  • Biodegradable product according to OECD 301
  • Convenient use
  • DryExx Duo is a product that contains ingredients that keep the belt chains lubricated and foam-free