No Rinse Alkaline Floor Cleaner

No-rinse alkaline floor cleaner

The only flooring solution for the entire restaurant. This high performance alkaline floor cleaner provides superior cleaning results for your kitchen floor and salon floor. It is compatible with most types of floors, safe in grouts and does not require rinsing.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
7105313 Bottle - 5L


  • No need to rinse
  • Effective in removing fat
  • Leaves no residue, marks or streaks on the floor.
  • Fast drying
  • Biodegradable formula

Recommended use:

  • Daily cleaning of lounge floors, cafeterias, kitchens and food preparation area with heavy dirt (grease);
  • Compatible with epoxy, concrete, vinyl, waxed vinyl, LVT vinyl, linoleum and industrial ceramic floors, with a dosage rate of 8-16 mL/L;
  • Can be used on wood-finished surfaces;
  • Not recommended for use on marble surfaces.

Effective against fat accumulation.

Designed for cleaning in dining and kitchen spaces for Foodservice, Hotels, Industries, etc.