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Shale Gas Fracking Solutions


For more than two decades, Nalco Champion has developed chemistries and programs to facilitate shale production. We offer tailored on-site water management solutions, and sustainable biocides that help maintain frac fluid integrity and water quality during flowback while preventing corrosion, reservoir souring and plugging. Additionally, our WellChem Technologies division develops a wide range of drilling, cementing and stimulation solutions for shale formations.
Sustainable Biocides for Hydraulic Fracturing
Nalco Champion has been instrumental in developing biocide treatments that combine glutaraldehyde and quaternary amines, which have achieved high ratings for both performance and HSE-criteria.
Minimizing Damage by Scale
In hydraulic fracturing operations, scale is a pervasive problem that can lead to plugging and formation damage. At Nalco Champion, we have developed scale inhibitors to minimize this damage and perform extensive testing to ensure the most effective and compatible product for your well.
Shale Pioneers
Since the early 90s, Nalco Champion has supported the unconventional oil and gas industry—including shale, tight, coalbed-methane and other low-permeability geologic formations. Our specially-designed chemistries, engineered services and far-reaching infrastructure translate to customized solutions that keep operations going and profits flowing.
A Responsible Approach to Water Management
We pioneered chemistries and treatment methods to address the water management issues encountered producing in low-permeability gas reservoirs. As the global leader in water technologies, we continually strive to improve performance and safety, while minimizing environmental impact with key advancements.