Apex Conveyor

Built to achieve the lowest total cost of warewashing while delivering best-in-class results, Ecolab’s Apex Conveyor provides up to a 50 percent utilities (water and energy) reduction with one pass, low-water warewashing. The Apex Conveyor also automates common procedures such as end of the day cleaning and deliming to make restaurant operations more efficient.
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Superior Results
  • Fresh rinse water pumped at constant pressure to deliver consistent results
  • Advanced chemistry produces spot-free ware
  • Clean dishes in one pass
Less reliance on dishmachine operator
  • Automatic wash tank dump & fill during washing
  • Push-button end-of-day cleaning and delime cycles
  • Keeps machine running efficiently
Up to 50% utility savings
  • Steam normally lost is reused to heat rinse water
  • Unique rinse system decreases water usage
  • Allows for use of incoming cold water
Integrated Apex2 system
  • Advanced controller tracks operational efficiency
  • Great results with lowest total environmental impact due to less water and energy
  • Provides outstanding one-pass warewashing results


Superior Service

Ecolab representatives partner with you to:

  • Train on pre-scraping, racking and three-compartment sink procedures
  • Provide 24/7/365 service, with all parts and labor included
  • Be a single point of contact for all your warewashing needs
Apex Conveyor

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